Home Based Support Services

Ngati Porou Home Based Support Services offers a range of support provided to you in your own home.

Its aim is to offer a holistic service with a strong emphasis on improving whanau independence in their own home for as long as possible. The service includes home help, personal cared, carer support, respite care and post discharge/personal health care.

A person can receive Home Based Support Services will have been identified as having a physical, intellectual, sensory, or aged related disability (or a combination of these). The person’s disability will have been estimated likely to continue for a minimum of six months leaving the person less independent than normal.

Referral to the service can be made by yourself, whanau, a community member, a health professional, another agency, or a friend. Consent must be obtained from the person prior to making a referral.

Referrals can be made verbally or in writing to the Home Based Support Coordinator or direct to the appropriate agency.

The first thing to happen will be an assessment. For anyone over 65, the assessment with the patient (and those who the patient wishes to be present) is carried out by a Needs Assessment and Service Coordinator or NASC.

For anyone under 65 the assessment with the patient (and those who the patient wishes to be present) is carried out by a Life Unlimited assessor.

Depending on the circumstances the assessment may also be carried out by an ACC assessor.

Once assessed the patient may be eligible for some of these services.

Home help: like cleaning, food preparation, laundry and shopping. Home help is available only to people with a community services card.

Personal care: like showering and mealtime assistance.

Occupational Therapy: depending on the circumstances this might include hand therapy, wheel chair and seating equipment, as well as stress management. 

Post Discharge Personal Health: This short term service (6 weeks) is offered by Ngati Porou Hauora Charitable Trust to those who have been discharged from hospital after undergoing a major operation, and who are unable to support  themselves at home, or are living alone.

Cultural Support: patients and whanau can access cultural support as required within their own whanau/hapu structures.

It takes approximately 5 days from when the assessment agency (NASC, Life Unlimited or ACC) receive the completed paperwork before home based support services are put into place.

Home Based Support Service staff will help you identify your strengths and your goals and put together a plan that helps you live the life you want.

For more information talk to your doctor or nurse, or email the Home Based Support Services Coordinator William Henry, or phone him on (06) 864 6803 x860, Monday-Friday 8am - 4.30pm at Te Whare Hauora o Ngati Porou.